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Wealth Mindset & Poverty Mindset begins before the money hits your bank?

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Just because it's "easy" or a "natural gift" doesn't mean you should do it for free.

Just because people aren't buying your products or services doesn't mean you have to lower your prices.

Just because "it's a new business" doesn't mean you aren't an expert in that area.

Just because family, friends "ask for help" doesn't mean you have to say "yes."

Just because you "have it" doesn't mean you need to feel guilted into "giving it."

Just because you "think" THEY can't afford it doesn't mean you should do it for FREE.

Just because you don't have a website, a brick-and-mortar store, a logo or a sales page doesn't mean you can't make money.

Just because you have more now than you did as a child doesn't mean you healed your money wounds.

Just because you are currently financially depleted doesn't mean it's a "generational curse."

Just because you buy "them" gifts doesn't mean they will love you more.

If any of this sounds familiar and YOU READY to get the tools and the techniques to build confidence to shift out of this pattern this master class is for YOU.

What You Will Learn

How to validate your emotions even if no one accepts, understands, or acknowledges your pain.

How to forgive yourself for not charging your worth.

Take steps to identify and correct generational money wounds.

Build Confidence to own and appreciate your genius.

Create a beautiful energy flow of abundance.

And so much more.

LIVE Interactive Master Class Tuesday, November 30th at 8pm EST. Can't make it LIVE no problem...replay provided.

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Forgiving Yourself for Shrinking Video Master Class Series

Forgiving Yourself for Shrinking 4-Part Video Master Class Series

Forgiving Yourself for Shrinking 4-Part Master Class Series 

* Get Out of Your Own Way.

* Build Confidence to Push Through the Pain.

* The Power of Forgiveness.

* Build a Tribe of Raving Fans Who Want to Pay You.

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